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Living with a digestive disorder can be debilitating, confusing, and exhausting. You're constantly tired, bloated, having stomach pains during and after eating, and you can't seem to figure out your bathroom situation. You feel frustrated hearing everyone's else success story but your own. You've tried different doctors, supplements, and diets but nothing seems to work.

Coming from experience, it doesn't have to be that way.

By getting to the root cause of your symptoms and health, we are able to design a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to get you feeling and looking your best. This tailored approach gives you the necessary tools to guide you to make realistic changes that will transform your gut health!

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3 simple steps to start your healing journey today

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This 20-minute free discovery call will give you clarity about my approach and how I can help you tackle your digestive symptoms.


After we determine if we're a good fit, this is where we will take a deep dive. You'll leave on day one with an actionable and attainable plan!


By working together we will uncover the root cause of your symptoms so you can gain more energy and be more confident with your ability to digest food!


Kristin Frechette started me on a Microbiome regimen after I heard great things from another client of hers. She sent me information on the products explaining the benefits of each, and instructed me on how to gradually introduce them to my body so as not to have any negative reaction.

Since I have been using the products, I find that I have more clarity and energy in the morning and throughout the day. I plan to continue using them, because I feel they have helped my overall health in general.

Thanks for everything, Kristin.

Patrick W., 2020

I had gone from never being sick to suffering what seemed like the same recurring symptoms every month or so. I was always congested, didn't sleep well, perpetually tired, had difficulty focusing. Tested negative for the flu, mono, etc. Allergy tests showed no allergies whatsoever but I was still prescribed a nasal decongestant with instructions to use them daily.

I never picked up the subscription, instead, I tried rebuilding my immune system with probiotic supplements. It has been over a year and I have not gotten sick once. I am sleeping great, breathing deeply through my nose and all my energy has returned. I am so thankful for Kristin and her guidance, having my health return has truly been a gift! 

Thomas O., 2020


Download my '5 Tips for Awesome Digestion' PDF now! It's the foundation of gut health and what I tell all my clients to focus on! These tips can be implemented today and don't cost any money to do. You will automatically be signed up for my newsletter as well.


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