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Do you accept insurance?

As a holistic nutritionist, I do not accept insurance. I have found that the structure insurance companies provide in regards to the number of sessions doesn't align with how I set my client sessions up. I set my client sessions up based on 4-month increments because I find my clients have the most success this way.

HSA and FSA programs may accept my services and your insurance company will be able to answer those questions for you.

Are there any costs that aren't included in your program?

Since supplements are very personalized and specific to each person, it's hard to gauge what each person will need. That is why supplements are not included in the cost of the program. When you sign up for my platinum one-to-one program, you will receive a discount on all professional-grade supplements through me!

Can I schedule just one session with you?

Everyone's healing journey is different. I've seen people notice changes within a few weeks and some people, a bit longer. By working together for 4-month increments, this allows me to deliver a lot of important information in digestible sessions (pun intended!).


It also allows us to make any necessary changes that are personalized to you and where you currently are for continued success.

What is the cost of your program?

If you are looking to further explore my platinum one-to-one program, please click here to schedule a free discovery call.

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