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Madison M., 2022

"I'm not sick. I'm actually not sick - for maybe the first time in my adult life. Physically I feel lightyears better than I did before and even my mental health concerns, things I have been dealing with for decades, are improving as we learn more and more about the gut/mind connection - and for me personally how disconnected things have been.

I can eat without feeling panicked, I can be social without fear of getting sick. I get to be 20-something again, I'm not achy, I'm not tired, I'm not feeling like I'm going to explode I'm so painfully bloated, or like I'm going to be violently ill from nausea. I get to just live my life; I get to thrive in my life where I'd been just surviving."

Julie B., 2023

"I am able to go out to dinner with my husband and friends without the worry of ending up in the bathroom before the meal is even over or having to fly home to make it to the bathroom in time. I look forward to eating a meal and not having to worry about gut pain afterwards.


I am happier with my life and I know that my health is improving a lot just by following Kristin's guidance with meals, supplements to heal my gut issues."

Lindsey M., 2022

“I feel AMAZING!!! I have got rid of SIBO in my gut and now I'm treating my elevated yeast in my gut and it's going great so far! Kristin has taught me so much about my health and my gut process."

Janet O., 2020

"After weeks of suffering from throat and stomach issues with no relief from “over the counter meds,” I did 2 things.

The first was to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. Acid reflux was diagnosed and an endoscopy was scheduled. It indicated inflammation of the esophagus and digestive tract.  I was prescribed Prilosec.  Researching it on line, I had my concerns about it and decided I’d rather try something natural first.  

The second thing I did was re-contact Kristin who years earlier worked with me regarding a healthier diet.  Kristin discussed a microbiome protocol with me.  She explained the program and the 3 components of it and how they work.  I started on it as soon as I received it.  Three months later a second endoscopy was scheduled.  I shared with my doctor the microbiome protocol I was taking and that I did not take the Prilosec.  


The results of the second endoscopy showed no inflammation of the esophagus or digestive tract. It is six months later, I remain on a modified microbiome regimen and continue to no longer have any symptoms of acid reflux.  I am so grateful for Kristin’s knowledge and devotion to healthy nutrition, healthy healing and healthy living! (65+ and feeling great!)"

Thomas O., 2020

"I had gone from never being sick to suffering what seemed like the same recurring symptoms every month or so. I was always congested, didn't sleep well, perpetually tired, had difficulty focusing. Tested negative for the flu, mono, etc. Allergy tests showed no allergies whatsoever but I was still prescribed a nasal decongestant with instructions to use them daily.


I never picked up the subscription, instead, I tried rebuilding my immune system with probiotic supplements. It has been over a year and I have not gotten sick once. I am sleeping great, breathing deeply through my nose and all my energy has returned. I am so thankful for Kristin and her guidance, having my health return has truly been a gift!"

Patrick W., 2020

"Kristin Frechette started me on a Microbiome regimen after I heard great things from another client of hers. She sent me information on the products explaining the benefits of each, and instructed me on how to gradually introduce them to my body so as not to have any negative reaction.


Since I have been using the products, I find that I have more clarity and energy in the morning and throughout the day. I plan to continue using them, because I feel they have helped my overall health in general.


Thanks for everything, Kristin."

Christiana H., 2021

"Kristin took the time to listen to what I was experiencing and recommended a program based on the information I provided. She was understanding and thoughtful in her recommendations and it was obvious to me that she was very knowledgeable in her field. I began starting the gut restoration that she recommended and started to feel better! I felt so much better that I asked her what I could do to continue repairing my gut and she recommended additional products and a maintenance plan for when I was done my gut restoration program. She provided me with literature and information so I knew exactly what to do.


She routinely checked in to see how I was feeling and she was so easy to talk to- which is critical when you're talking about digestive problems! I'm happy to report that nearly a year after finishing the gut restoration program with Kristin that I'm still feeling great and not experiencing the digestive issues that I was when I first contacted her. Kristin helped me find a cure instead of a Band Aid.


I now follow Kristin's page on Instagram and learn something new every time she posts! She posts thought-provoking and actionable information that makes me feel empowered to take control of my digestive health by making small changes like drinking more water and adequately chewing my food. She has helped me to think about how my diet impacts my overall health and does it in a way that's gentle but authoritative. 


Kristin has been a pleasure to work with and I can't recommend her enough. Even if you don't have a major digestive issue, it's likely that there are steps you can take to improve your overall gut health and Kristin is the first person I'd recommend reaching out to. 10/10!"

Jamie D., 2019

"Kristin has had a profound impact on my lifestyle since working with her! I was suffering from migraines, cravings and seemingly always being tired and hungry- generally all the feelings that would put someone in a bad mood! Kristin used a mood and food diary to target which foods were potentially causing the migraines and educated me on eliminating those as well as balancing my diet to include more protiens and healthy fats for energy!


I no longer get mirgraines or the 3pm slump and am so happy to have the energy to get through the day! I now have the skills to make and maintain healthy eating decisions from nights out to holidays with the family! I can’t thank Kristin enough!"

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